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Political Science Subject Guide: Websites

Resources for political science research.


Using websites can be tricky. Ask these questions to get a sense for whether the website is reliable:

  • Ask who is responsible for the information.
    Are they qualified to teach you? Why are they providing this information? Does someone take credit for the information by name? Can you contact them if you have questions?
  • Ask whether the information is objective.
    Does it present both sides of an issue? Is it designed to persuade you? Does anything about the information seem fishy?
  • Ask how current the information is.
    Is the site dated? Has it been updated recently enough to provide good information? Are there old or out of date links?


American Bar Association Public Resources
Provides information for the public on legal topics such as children and the law, domestic violence, estate planning, human rights, and much more.  Also contains information about the legal system, legal statistics, and a consumer's guide to legal help.

American Experience: The Presidents
Over 25 hours of streaming video from the PBS Presidents series including a detailed summary page for each chief executive, an in-depth look at the presidents in the broadcast series line-up, and includes links to presidential sites, a detailed bibliography, collections of primary sources, and more.

American Political Science Association
The leading professional organization for the study of political science.

Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management
An organization dedicated to improving public policy and management by fostering excellence in research, analysis, and education.

Browse or search for legal information on topics from bankruptcy and debt to family law to criminal law.

Foreign Relations of the United States
Digitized volumes of major U.S. foreign policy decisions maintained by the University of Wisconsin.

Global Legal Information Network
GLIN is a database maintained by the Library of Congress. It includes official texts of laws, regulations, judicial decisions, and other complementary legal sources.

Internet Law Library
Provides information on the U.S. Code, laws from other nations, international law, law schools, directories of attorneys, and much more.

Ohio County Profiles
Prepared by the Ohio Department of Development's Office of Strategic Research this web site contains data and analysis on the Economic, Industrial, and Demographic trends of the State of Ohio, its businesses and its people.

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Provides information about its 30 member countries and the relationships between them.  Also has information on 70 other countries with which the organisation has active relationships.  Contains useful publications, statistics, and information about economic and social issues.

Political Science Resources on the Web
Provides links to hundreds of political science websites.

Richard Kimber’s Political Science Resources
British site which contains links to websites dealing with political theory, political parties around the world, journals, government websites, constitutions, elections, and much more.

Society for Public Administration
Organization that advances the art, science, teaching, and practice of public and non-profit administration.

Stanley Foundation Policy Analysis Briefs
Reports, analysis, and articles focused on building sustainable peace.

State Government Blue Books
Contains links to state government blue books providing facts, biographies, and much more.

Terrorism Bibliography
Detailed bibliography identifying sources that address terroism threats, methods, trends, vulnerabilities, and regional issues.

The U.S. Congress Votes Database
Contains "every vote in the U.S. Congress since 1991". Browse by Congress or by member of Congress.

Search across multiple sources including official statistics produced by countries and compiled by United Nations data system, as well as estimates and projections. The domains covered are agriculture, education, energy, industry, labour, national accounts, population and tourism.

Watching America
This web site collects news and views about the United States published in other countries.

The World Bank: Countries and Regions
Provides information on the countries of the world, including an overview, data and statistics, news and events, publications and reports, and more.

Worldwide Governance Indicators
Aggregate and individual governance indicators for 212 countries and territories over the period 1996–2006.