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Current Events: Scholarly vs. Popular

Scholarly Articles

Also called: Scholarly Journals, Academic Journals, Peer-Reviewed

Use the following criteria to determine whether an article is scholarly.

Audience Scholars, researchers, professors, students.
Author Professionals, experts in the field. Credentials are listed in the article.
Content Original research.
Length Usually lengthy, often over 10 pages long.
Citations Many detailed citations.
Refereed Yes; Articles go through a peer-review process where they are critiqued by other experts in the field before they are published.

Citation information!

Tip: Remember to keep track of all the citation information for every source you plan to use, even if you just copy / paste the information for later use.

Tip: What to record?  Title(s), Author(s), Source, Publication Date, Volume number, Issue number, Pages used, Medium of publication (print, online, etc.).

Popular Articles

Also called: Newspapers, Magazines, Trade Magazines

Use the following criteria to determine whether an article is popular.

Audience General readers.
Author Varies, but typically journalists, staff writers, 'guest' experts. May not be signed.
Content Non-technical, entertainment, news. May report on original research (such as breaking medical research)
Length Usually short, 1-5 pages.
Citations No, incomplete, or very few citations.
Refereed No