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 AAPG Bulletin


Abstracts of Papers Presented to the American Mathematical Society

Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America

American Economic Journal APPLIED ECONOMICS

American Economic Journal ECONOMIC POLICY

American Economic Journal MACROECONOMICS

American Economic Journal MICROECONOMICS

American Economic Review

American Journal of Botany

American Journal of Education

American Journal of Health Education

American Journal of Psychology

American Journal of Science

American Mineralogist

 American Sociological Review

Art Education  

Biblical Archaeology Review

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Ceramics Monthly

Childhood Education

Choice Review

College English

Communication Education

Communication Teacher

Comparative Politics

Comprehensive Child and Adolescent Nursing   (formerly Issues in Comprehensive Pediatric Nursing)

Contemporary French Civilization

Current History

Daedalus - American Academy of Arts and Sciences




Economic Geology - the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists


Education and Training in Autism and Developmental Disabilities

Elementary School Journal


English Journal






French Review


Harvard Educational Review


Instrumentalist - Northfield

International Financial Statistics


 Country Notes

Issues in Mental Health Nursing

JAMA - Journal of the American Medical Association

JOPERD – Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance

Journal for Research in Mathematics Education

Journal of the American Musicological  Society

 Journal Nursing Administration & Healthcare Law

Journal of Bacteriology

Journal of Chemical Education

Journal of College Science Teaching

Journal of Economic Literature

Journal of Economic Perspectives

Journal of Immunology

Journal of Law and Economics

Journal of Modern History

Journal of Neuroscience Nursing

Journal of Philosophy

Journal of Political Economy

Journal of Presbyterian history

Journal of Radio & Audio Media

Journal of Religion

Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior

Keesing's Record of World Events & Indexes

Language Arts

MS Magazine

Mathematics Teacher

Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School

Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin

Modern Language Review


NSTA Reports

National Geographic

Natural History

Nature - US Edition

New England Quarterly

New York Review of Books

New Yorker

Nursing Research

Ohio Archaeologist

Ohio Magazine

Ohio Schools



Perceptual and Motor Skills

Physics Today


Poets and Writers Magazine

Popular Photography

Presbyterian heritage (Newsletter)


Psychological Reports

Rehabilitation Nursing

Religious Humanism

Research Quarterly for exercise and sport

Reviews in Mineralogy

Rolling Stone Magazine

Scholastic Teacher


Science and Children

Science Scope

Science Teacher

Scientific American


Soccer America

Social Education

Social Studies and the Young Learner

Sports Illustrated

Teaching Children Mathematics

Theology Today


Voices from the Middle

Yale French Studies

Online Journals & Magazines

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Choice Review

Choice Reviews Quick-start Guide


Welcome to the newly rebuilt Choice Reviews!

We have listened to your comments and have tried to make this version the fastest, simplest, and most versatile you've ever used.

What sets this version apart from its predecessors is that for the first time, Choice Reviews acts like what it is: a searchable database containing almost 200,000 reviews of academic titles ranging over the past 28 years. Like the databases you use commonly, it features a simple search box and uses faceted searches to enable you to filter your results with great precision. You can build lists, save searches, find books in WorldCat.

To jump-start your work in Choice Reviews, we've provided brief instructions on the most commonly used functionalities below. Let's get started.  Refer to the Choice Review Link on the left side of this page.