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POLS 336 - Russian Politics: Home

Use Library resources to find the books and articles that are assigned reading for your class.

I have Dr. Arnold's reading what?

Now What?

ILL - Interlibrary Loan

Start out using the MuskieScholar box

How do you tell a book citation from a journal citation?

Book citations are often the simplest:

Arnold, R (2016) Russian Nationalism and Ethnic Violence: Symbolic violence, lynching, pogrom, and massacre (New York, Routledge)

Journal citations usually include some elements that book citations don't have:

Kolsto, P. (2016) “Crimea vs. Donbass: How Putin Won Russian Nationalist Support- then lost it againSlavic Review (75: 3), 702-725

You can see that the article citation includes --

  • the article title as well as journal title. The titles of journals may be abbreviated, or noted in full are in italics.
  • volume number
  • issue number
  • specific page numbers
  • dates, which may include seasons, months(often abbreviated) or days


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