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EDUC 607: Applications of Educational Research -: Websites


Using websites can be tricky. Ask these questions to get a sense for whether the website is reliable:

  • Ask who is responsible for the information.
    Are they qualified to teach you? Why are they providing this information? Does someone take credit for the information by name? Can you contact them if you have questions?
  • Ask whether the information is objective.
    Does it present both sides of an issue? Is it designed to persuade you? Does anything about the information seem fishy?
  • Ask how current the information is.
    Is the site dated? Has it been updated recently enough to provide good information? Are there old or out of date links?


Teaching and Learning
Web directory of U.S. education programs. Site can be searched by geographic area, degree and specialty.

The Educator's Reference Desk: Lesson Plans
Browse for sample lesson plans by topic or search by grade level and keywords.

‚ÄčSuccessLink Lesson Plan Search
Search for sample lesson plans by keyword, content area, standards, grade range, and more.

Teaching with Documents Lesson Plans from the National Archives
This site has copies of primary documents from National Archives of the United States and lesson plans mapped to the National History Standards and National Standards for Civics and Government.

Condition of Education
Uses key "indicators" to measure the "health of education" in six areas such as achievement, economic outcomes, size or diversity; preschool - post secondary. Past editions shelved in Government Publication compact shelving at ED 1.109.

Digest of Education Statistics
Statistical data from government and private sectors, including federal funds for education, employment and income of graduates; preschool-post secondary. Past editions shelved in Government Publication compact shelving at ED 1.326:995.

NCES Search for Schools, Colleges, and Libraries
Allows you to search by state, city, zip codes, and name for public schools, private schools, colleges, and libraries. Information about schools includes name, address, locale, number of teachers and students, enrollment by race, enrollment by grade, and more.

Projections of Education Statistics
Projects statistics on secondary and post secondary institutions in enrollment, graduates, teachers and expenditures. Past editions shelved in Government Publications compact shelving at ED 1.120.