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EDUC 607: Applications of Educational Research -: Lit Review

Writing a Lit Review


Literature Review Help

Writing a literature review can be a confusing task. We'd like to provide you with as much information as possible to help make the process easier to understand and complete. See the video tutorials to the left of the page and view the links to information listed below to better understand the literature review process.

It's important to remember that a literature review is a "re" view or "look again" at what has already been written about the topic. It is not a literary review, which usually is a review of a literary work such as a play, novel, book of poems or a review that has some artistic merit.


Getting started with the basics of a literature review


Writing a Literature Review Tutorial


Example of a literature review #1 NOT CURRENT APA USED. See Blackboard for current examples.


Example of literature reviews #2 NOT CURRENT APA USED. See Blackboard for current examples.


Literature review template