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HLSC 315: Public Health & Epidemiology: Find Sources

Course guide and library resources for HLSC 315

Suggested Journals

Find a Specific Journal

Do you know the journal your article appears in? Look for it online here!

Article Not Available?

Use Interlibrary Loan. Fill out an article request form and we'll see if we can find it for you somewhere else.

  • Be aware that requests can take up to a week.
  • Keep in mind that very new articles (published in August or September) may not be avaiable for a few months.

Don't Know the Journal Title?

If you do not know the Journal Title, search in the following databases using the information you know:

Searching Tips

  • Truncate the end of search terms with multiple stems using (*).  Example: Typing epidemi* will search for epidemiology, epidemiological, and epidemic at once.
  • Use the magenta 'FULL TEXT' button to access the article.
  • Keep your keywords simple. If you use a lot and don't get results, try using fewer.
  • Use authors' last names.
  • Use the advanced search to limit keywords to look for authors, journal titles, etc.