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BUSI 411: Social Media & Mobile Marketing : Social Media Users

This guide will help you with your group presentation for BUSI 411.

Using Statistics

Learning to find and use statistics can be tough. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • National and even regional statistics on things like demographics are often going to be old. The census is only taken once every ten years, and smaller surveys may appear every three or five years. You'll find the most recent statistics in articles.
  • Statistics are typically gathered from government sources, from companies like news agencies, or by academic researchers. Keep in mind who is garthering statistics and why when you consider using them. What biases might be involved?
  • Many statistic sites will allow you to download tables and then manipulate them using software like excel. This can make it easy to find percentages and do other math. Can't figure out how? Ask a librarian!

How to find demographic info

Not sure how to find out who uses social media?

1. Start by checking the many surveys from the Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project.

2. Check library databases for articles in academic journals and trade publications.

3. Try a general search in Muskie Scholar for "demographics" and "social media."


Search Muskie Scholar

Who uses social media?


In addition to these resources, keep in mind that you can often find statistics on more specific topics in academic articles and other studies, as well as in news articles and online.