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PSYC 110: Exploring Psychological Science: Finding Articles

Guide for Stevenson's Exploring Psychological Science

Find an Article

  • Look for the one of our full text buttons to get the whole article.  

  • Still can't find the article you want? Fill out an article request form and we'll see if we can find it for you somewhere else. Be aware that requests can take up to a week.

Definitions of Selected Fields

Default Field: automatically search Abstract, Author, Keywords, Source, Subjects, Table of Contents, Title, and Translated Title

AB Abstract: brief summary of the article

AF Author Affiliation: institutional affiliation of authors

KW Keywords: natural language terms describing document’s content

PB Publisher: organization/company that publishes the journal or book

TM Tests & Measures: indicates if a test is used in the study.

Tips for Searching PsycINFO

Get Scholarly Articles: Check 'Academic Journals' on the left to only see results from scholarly publications.

Boolean Operators (And, Or, Not) combine search terms to narrow or broaden results.

Truncation (*): The “*” replaces any number of characters and will find all forms of a word root, for example, “therap*” finds therapy, therapies, therapist, therapists, therapeutic, therapeutically, etc. 

Limiters: Use the limiters on the left to narrow your search. You can choose options like:

  • Date the article was published
  • Subject the article is about (Subject: Major Heading & Subject)
  • Language of the article (Language)
  • Age group the article is about (Age)
  • Gender the article is about (Gender)
  • Type of study done (Methodology)

Scholarly Articles