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RELG 395: World Mythology Course Guide: Finding Images

Resources for Dr. Conroy's RELG 395

Example Search Process: Poseidon

Credo Reference: Image Finder Tool

This image finder will search through all images on Credo.

Credo Logo

Books with Primary Sources

This search tool will scour books that include primary sources.  Many of these results are images such as paintings.

Credo Logo

Google Image Search

Finally, the old standby Google will perform a comprehensive search of the web.  Type in your search thoughts and switch over to the Images tab once the search is complete.

Google Web Search

Finding Modern Interpretations

Where might we find information about modern interpretations of ancient heroes?

  • Wikipedia often has sections involving the appearance of historical figures/myths in popular culture

    • These sections are usually named along the lines of "Appearances in Literature or Art" or "_____________ in Popular Culture".  Sometimes entire pages are devoted to expounding on these appearances.

  • Common places to find modern interpretations of ancient heroes include movies, books, political cartoons, and video games; Google Images can help you track them down:
    • If you know a hero appears in a certain piece of media, search precisely for that (i.e. "Hercules Roosevelt" or "Disney Hercules");
    • Alternatively, search for "Hercules movie" or "Hercules Political Cartoon" to get a sweeping, broader scope of results

Citing Images

What to Include (If You Can)

  • Author/Creator and their role
  • Date of Creation/Access
  • Title of Work
  • Type of Image (photograph, sculpture, digital painting, etc.)
  • Location

Poseidon as portrayed in Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series.


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