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CVSC 437 & BIOL 420: Senior Seminar: Articles & Databases

This guide is for students in BIOL 420.

Find an Article

  • Look for the one of our full text buttons to get the whole article.  

  • Still can't find the article you want? Fill out an article request form and we'll see if we can find it for you somewhere else. Be aware that requests can take up to a week.

Find a Specific Journal

Do you know the journal your article appears in? Look for it online here!

Advanced Searching Tools

Tricks for Database Searching

  • Truncation: use the * symbol to get various words that may begin the same. Examples: teen*, identit*, advertis*
  • Wild card: for similar words where a letter may be different. Example: searching "wom?n" will return results with woman and women.
  • Quotation marks: use to find an exact phrase, like "social media" or "interpersonal communication".

Use Boolean Operators

  • AND: find BOTH terms. Only articles with both terms will be returned.
  • OR: find one or the other. This is useful for finding similar terms. Ex: young adult OR teen
  • Use AND and OR to create more specific searches.
    • (adolescent OR teen* OR "young adult") AND "social media"

Use Subject Headings

  • While searching in EBSCO databases, take a look at the predicted text that shows up under what you're typing in.  It may provide alternative terms for what you're looking for, leading to more results.
  • On the detailed records of sources you like, look at the subjects provided by the publisher/authors/database.  You can click on these to start new searches under the same subjects.

Articles & Databases

Library databases index articles which are published in scholarly journals, newspapers, and magazines. You can use these databases to find out what articles exist and where they were published.

Biological Abstracts help document: (external link

Medical Databases

Open Access Journals

BioMed Central
Scholarly journals focused on the life sciences and biomedicine.

Public Library of Science
Scholarly journals focused on life sciences and medicine. Current titles include: PLoS BiologyPLoS Clinical TrialsPLoS Computational BiologyPLoS GeneticsPLoS MedicinePLoS Neglected Tropical DiseasesPLoS Pathogens.

Digital Media

Many of the following resources are available to Muskingum students via subscription.  They are excluded from the database list because they include media other than books and journals.