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ATHT 495 - Senior Seminar Course Guide: AMA Citation

General Rules

  • In-text citation are superscript numbers which refer to an entry in the Reference List. If you use a source more than once, use the same number.
  • Your reference page should be labeled 'Reference List'
  • References are numbered and are listed in the order they appear in the paper, not in alphabetical order.
  • Article titles are in sentence case (only the first word and proper nouns are capitalized).
  • Journal titles are in title case and are italicized.
  • Names of journals are often abbreviated.

Journal Articles

A typical citation for a journal article follows the pattern below. 

Lastname, FirstInitial. Title of article. Journal Title. Year; Volume(Issue): PP-PP.


1. Beran RG, Braley TJ, Segal BM, Chervin RD. Sleep-disordered breathing in multiple sclerosisNeurology. 2013;80(14):1354-1355.
2. Pollart SM, Caelleigh AS. Changing conversations, changing culture: A medical education journal clubMed Educ. 2011;45(11):1134.
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Books and Book Chapters

A typical citation for books or book chapters follow the patterns below. 

Lastname, FirstInitial. Book Title. Edition number (if it is the second edition or above). City, State (or Country) of publisher: Publisher's name; copyright year.


1. Silverstein A, Silverstein VB, Nunn LS. Cancer. Minneapolis, MN: Twenty-First Century Books; 2006.

2. Maul-Mellott SK, Adams JN. Childhood Cancer: A Nursing Overview. Boston, MA: Jones and Bartlett; 1987.

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A typical citation for Web sites follows this pattern:

Author(s), if given. Title of the specific item cited (if none is given, use the name of the organization responsible for the site). Name of the Web site. URL. Published [date]. Updated [date]. Accessed [date].


1. Living With Type 1 Diabetes. Published February 9, 2015. Accessed April 7, 2015.
2. Why Immunize? Updated September 23, 2014. Accessed April 7, 2015.
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