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BIOL 100 - Santas: Popular News Sources

Popular News Articles

Tips for Finding Science & Health Articles

  1. Look in the Health or Science sections of the magazines, newspapers, or websites.
  2. Look for articles that cite Science or Nature – the Library gets those journals in print. 
  3. Look in older issues (go downstairs to the unbound journal area of the Library) because you will be more likely to find the primary articles. Keep in mind that many news sources report the results of studies just before the study has made it to publication.

Hints about the Primary Article

Read the news article to find information about the primary research. Write down as many clues as you can find. Look for:

1. Journal Title – not always given

2. Keywords – what the article is about

3. Author - usually the researcher quoted in the article

4. Publication Date – sometimes given, sometimes based on the date of the magazine or newspaper

Finding Sources in TED Talks

Let's use Dan Gilbert's talk on the science of happiness as an example.

On the TED website, take a look right below the video. 

You can read the important details, a transcript of the talk, and footnotes.  We want the footnotes.

We can find citations for the sources in the video under here.

Now that we have the citation, we can use the information to track down the original article.