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HLSC 417: Long-term Care in an Aging Society: Finding Articles

Resources for Baker's Long-term Care in an Aging Society.

Article Not Available?

Use Interlibrary Loan. Fill out an article request form and we'll see if we can find it for you somewhere else.

  • Be aware that requests can take up to a week.
  • Keep in mind that very new articles (published in August or September) may not be avaiable for a few months.

Searching Tips

  • Truncate the end of search terms with multiple stems using (*).  Example: Typing epidemi* will search for epidemiology, epidemiological, and epidemic at once.
  • Use the magenta 'FULL TEXT' button to access the article.
  • Keep your keywords simple. If you use a lot and don't get results, try using fewer.
  • Use the advanced search to limit keywords to look for authors, journal titles, etc.


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