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RELG 356: Death and Dying in World Religion: Finding Articles

What Database Do I Use?

If you go to our list of databases, you'll notice that we have a lot of databases.  It can be really overwhelming at first, so here are some tips on how to choose a database.

  1. If you want a literal catchall, try MuskieScholar.  It has everything that we own, have access to, or at least have access to information about.  That said, it can be really hard to dig through all of the excess to get to the good stuff.
  2. For the article-only version of MuskieScholar, try Academic Search Complete.  It still has a lot of excess and it doesn't have the limiters that more specific databases do, but it's still useful.
  3. Figure out what your subject really is.  You may not want to use a Religion database; for example, if you're looking at the impact that paranormal films have on children's minds, you have two possible subject areas: Psychology and Film.  There are databases that contain information on both of these, and you try to mix and match articles from each.
  4. Explore a bit!  Take a look at our Subject Guides to find some Best Bet databases, or see some of the possible databases I've collected for you on this page.
  5. And, of course, you can always make an appointment or otherwise contact a librarian for help in finding the database[s] that best suit your research needs.

Find an Article

  • Look for the one of our full text buttons to get the whole article.  

  • Still can't find the article you want? Fill out an article request form and we'll see if we can find it for you somewhere else. Be aware that requests can take up to a week.

Find a Specific Journal

Do you know the journal your article appears in? Look for it online here!

Scholarly Articles

Use the databases below to find scholarly articles.

Tip: Check the 'Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals' box before your search to limit it to scholarly articles.

Search Muskie Scholar