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Fall Faculty Conference 2019: Collection

Journal Changes

  • Moving to digital academic journals when possible

  • Electronic Journal Center adding titles frequently

  • Working with department chairs on other decisions

  • Interlibrary Loan at no cost if we can't find a full text copy in our resources

  • About 18 print-only journals now

We rearranged the print journal section to include our "Take a Break" magazines, our "Take a Break" dvds, as well as our print journals (with a note about how most are online).


Weeding Update

  • Reference room was weeded over the summer

  • About 3/4 of Hs - mostly business, some history and sociology

  • Faculty in those departments will have lists to review this fall so we can discard books

  • We will continue to weed the rest of the Hs and into the Ls (education) through the school year

  • All 'G' books now on the shelves 

  • About 20 boxes of E and F books still in boxes - but available on request!