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MISST Subject Guide: Writing Mechanics

This guide provides resources on writing papers, using databases, and citing sources.

Need Help?

Should I use "lose" or "loose"?

Is it "their", "there", or "they're"?

What is the difference between "affect" and "effect"?

The English language is complicated! There are many rules and exceptions that confuse even native speakers. Many students rely on the grammar and spell check function in Microsoft Word; however, Word often misses major errors. 

A quick Google search shows that there are many websites that offer grammar help. Be careful! The first rule of searching the Web is: Trust no one. Anyone can publish a web page with incorrect or outdated information. Just because it is on the Internet doesn't mean it is true. The sites on this page have been vetted to ensure that they are trustworthy.

Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation Resources

Helpful Reference Resources