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New to Muskingum

The top five things you need to know about the Muskingum University Library.

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About the Library

New to Muskingum? Here are the Top 5 things you need to know about the library!

1. How to check your patron account

2. How long are library loan periods

3. How to get a book from OhioLINK

4. How to get an article

5. How to contact a librarian

1. What's a patron account? How do I check mine?

Your patron account tells you everything you need to know about your library record, including:

  • What items you have checked out.
  • When they are due.
  • If you owe any fines.

You also can renew your items directly in your patron account.

To access your patron account, go to the library homepage. Click My Account.

My Account Link

Log in by entering your name and your barcode number. Your barcode number is on the back of your student i.d. It is the number beginning with 2815

The My Account dashboard lists the items that you have checked out and the due date. Check the box next to the items that you want to renew and click Renew Marked to renew selected items. If you'd like to renew all of the items at once, click Renew All.


2. How long can I keep a book or DVD? Can I check out textbooks?

Publishers are releasing new textbooks all the time - sometimes, every year. Libraries often can't purchase textbooks because they become outdated quickly.

You may be able to find some textbooks at an OhioLINK library, but these textbooks are usually older editions. There is a huge demand for textbooks, so keep in mind that you are competing with students across the state of Ohio (not just Muskingum!) for a very limited number of copies. If you want to try to find textbooks through OhioLINK, don't wait. Most books will be checked out within the first few days of the semester.

Keep in mind that with the high demand for textbooks, you may only be able to check out the book once and not renew it.

Pay attention to the Muskingum and OhioLINK loan periods listed below. If another patron requests a book that you have checked out, you will not be able to renew it.

  • Muskingum-owned books: 21 days for undergraduates. You may renew the book up to six times, as long as no one else has requested it.
  • Books owned by an OhioLINK library: 21 days for undergraduates. You may renew the book up to six times, as long as no one else has requested it.
  • Muskingum-owned DVDs: 7 days. You may renew the DVD up to three times, as long as no one else has requested it.
  • DVDs owned by an OhioLINK library: 7 days. You may renew the DVD up to three times, as long as no one else has requested it.

If you don't return an item by the due date, you will be charged $0.50 per day. If the item is more than 21 days overdue, it is considered lost, and you will be charged for replacement and processing. 

Replacement fees:

  • Muskingum-owned items: $75.00, plus a $50.00 processing fee and billing fee. Total: $125 per item.

  • Items owned by an OhioLINK or OPAL library: $75.00, plus a $50.00 processing and billing fee. Total: $125 per item.

The Library is required to charge this amount to maintain good standing in OhioLINK. All OhioLINK member libraries charge the same fines for OhioLINK items. Library staff cannot waive or forgive charges.

3. How do I get a book from OhioLINK?

Search the OhioLINK catalog or Muskie Scholar for keywords, subjects, titles, and authors.

When you find a book you would like to request, click the Request button.

Request an OhioLINK book

Request an OhioLINK book


Choose Muskingum University as your school:

Enter your information when prompted. Be sure to use the barcode number on the back of your ID that begins with 2815...

4. How do I get an article?

Use one of Muskingum's 125+ databases to search for articles.

Some databases provide full-text access to articles:

If we have it in another electronic resource, you will be taken to that resource:

If we have it in print, you will be taken to the catalog. You can then come to the library to find the physical copy of the article:

5. How do I contact a librarian?

  1. Visit us in the library! During the semester, we are usually available‚Äč Monday - Friday : 9 AM to 5:00 PM
  2. Make an appointment with a librarian! Get 20 minutes of focused help with whatever you need.
  3. Email us: . We will usually respond within 24-48 hours.
  4. Call us at (740) 826-8152 and ask to speak to a librarian.
  5. Chat with us. Any time the chat widget says available, a librarian is waiting to help you.

    We have included our chat box on many of our web pages and guides, as well as in some of our databases (like Muskie Scholar). You can even use the box below!