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Chicago/Turabian: Newspaper articles

Help with citing using Chicago or Turabian guidelines.

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Additional examples and explanations for book citations are found on pages 192 in A Manual for Writers (2017).

Basic Newspaper Article Citation

Basic Footnote Entry

     Author's first name Author's last name, "Title of the Article,"  Name of
Month Day, Year, URL.


Basic Works Cited Entry

Author's last name, Author's first name. "Title of the Article."  Name of Newspaper,
Month Day, Year. URL.

Newspaper article - Print


Allison Borgelt, "Sealed with a Kiss,"  BG News, June 17, 2009.

Works Cited:

Borgelt, Allison. "Sealed with a Kiss."  BG News,  June 17, 2009. 

Newspaper Article - Electronic


     Gretchen Reynolds, "Phys Ed: Your Brain on Exercise,"  New York Times, July 7,


Works Cited:

Reynolds, Gretchen .  "Phys Ed: Your Brain on Exercise."  New York Times, July 7,

Be sure that any URL you include is a permanent or persistent URL, so that the article can be accessed again using it.