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HIST 460: History Research Seminar Course Guide: Hattingh

A course guide for students in HIST 460, the History Research Seminar

Dr. Hattingh

Telephone: 826-8275
Office: 114 Cambridge Hall

Finding Primary Sources


  • Add 'sources' to your keyword search in OhioLINK. The subject term for many primary documents uses the word 'sources'. You can also try words like 'letters', 'correspondance, ' 'personal narratives', 'diaries', 'papers', 'journals' or 'oral history'.


  • Many museums, libraries, universities and other organizations are digitizing primary sources for scholarly use. Try a google search using 'primary sources' as one of your keywords, or other words such as letters, etc.
  • For best results, limit your search to sites hosted by educational institutions (.edu) or the government (.gov). Do this by using Google's advanced search, or just add '' or '' to your search.
  • Be careful with online sources - check their 'about us' page to see who they are. Look for citations of the original source.

Cold War Primary Documents

American History

Asian History

US Government Documents

  • US State Department  In addition to recent announcements, you can use the general search option or the pull-down options: Policy Issues, Countries and Areas, and Bureaus and Offices.
  • GovInfo  Congressional Records, Congressional Bills and Documents, Congressional Hearings, Economic Indicators, etc. 
  • National Archives  Includes documents, photos, and records, including Veterans' Service Records.
  • Office of the Federal Register  Access to the official texts of Federal Laws, Presidential Documents, etc.

Latin American Primary Documents