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Alternative Learning Materials at Muskingum

Information and guidelines on how to integrate open materials in your classes.

About Library Reserves

What are library reserves?

Library reserves are books, DVDs, articles, or other items that are physically housed in the library for the semester. They can be items that the library owns, or items that belong to the instructor. 

How long can a student use a reserved item?

When you put an item on reserve, you choose from a variety of check-out times.

  • 2 hour library use only
  • 4 hour library use only
  • 1 day checkout
  • 3 day checkout
  • 7 day checkout
  • 2 hour overnight checkout - checkout 1 hour before library closes and due back next day 1 hour after library opens.
  • 4 hour overnight checkout - checkout 2 hours before library closes and due back next day 2 hours after library opens.

If I place a personal item on reserve, how is it processed and when will I get it back?

Instructor-owned items are barcoded for check-out purposes, and are returned at the end of the semester. If you put your personal items on reserve, you agree to having labels and barcodes attached, as well as understand that we are not responsible for any damage caused by student use.

Placing items on reserve

To place items on reserve, simply fill out the form below (one for each item) and either bring your items to the library or send them to us via campus mail. 

This form can be accessed on the library's homepage by visiting 'For Faculty' and 'Submit Print Reserves'.