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EDUC 112/500 - Implications of Diversity: Home

Education students will need to do much research while studying to be educators at Muskingum University. This guide will help you research more strategically and efficiently and will help you with APA citations

PLEASE NOTE: When using library resources off campus, you will be asked to authenticate using your library barcode. This number is on the back of your ID and begins with 28153...

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Muskie Scholar Tutorial - Use the Library resources to find articles.

When you are finished with the tutorial, go to the Library Website and put some of your keywords in the the MuskieScholar search box to do a basic and WIDE search. You can also click on Databases on the left side of the library page and then use the All Subjects pull down menu to find the Education databases. The Finding Articles tab on this guide will also get you to the Education databases. Use what you learned in the tutorial to search our library resources. This will help you find quality scholarly sources for your research. 


Welcome to our Education subject guide page!

Top Education resources:

Practice Materials for Ohio Assessments

Our campus library currently has 10 of the published 45 study guides that are currently available on our shelves. 

Getting Started - Concept Mapping