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Using Teams to Teach

Tips and tricks for using Teams for distance education.

What is Teams?


Teams is communication software available in your internet browser and as a stand-alone app for your PC, Mac, or phone.

Teams lets you: 

  • Chat in real time with individuals or groups
  • Create topic-based chat channels for group conversation
  • Conduct live video, screen-share, or voice-only meetings (or a combination thereof)
  • Record videos, including screen sharing

Making Teams a Habit

Install Teams on your computer

By default, teams will open when your computer starts. Closing it with the 'X' simply sends it to the background. This makes it easy and painless to use teams from your desktop or laptop. 

Install Teams on your phone

The Teams app works on phones. You may not want to offer in-depth help or video conferencing on your phone (or maybe you do!), but a quick 'I'll get back to you in an hour' can help a stressed student relax.


Teams Basics