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Using Teams to Teach

Tips and tricks for using Teams for distance education.

Why Use Stream?

Microsoft Stream is Office's video hosting site. Videos can be uploaded to Stream and shared as a link. The transcription features and easy sharing make this a valuable resource for instructors who use a lot of videos (and can no longer store them on Blackboard).

Accessing Stream and Uploading Videos

To access Teams, log into Microsoft 365 from the Muskingum homepage. At the bottom of your list of apps on the left side of your screen, an "All Apps" option will be available. Click it and choose "Stream" from the list of apps that appears.

This will bring you to the Stream homepage.

Upload a Video to Stream
  • Click the "Create" tab and select "Upload video"
  • Choose the correct video from your files
  • Edit the permissions and options to suit your needs
    • Do you want everyone on campus to view your videos, or just a specific group of people?
  • When your video has finished processing, you will get an email
  • Make sure you return to Stream and click "Publish" to make it available for your audience to see!

Viewing & Editing Videos in Stream

Viewing Videos

To see your videos, click 'My Content' and then choose 'Videos'. You should now see a list of all videos you have view permissions for, as well as tools to search or limit your list. 

Editing Videos

Once you find your video,

  • From the video list, click the 'edit' pencil 
  • From the video page, click '...' and then 'edit video details'

Either will take you to the edit page. Here you can

  • Rename your video
  • Add a description
  • Choose a thumbnail
  • Trim your video
  • Edit permissions
  • Auto-generate captions and a transcript

Generating a Transcript & Captions in Stream

To automatically generate a transcript and captions

  • Go to the edit page
  • Set your language
  • Be sure 'auto generate a caption file' is checked. This should check automatically. 
  • Click 'Apply' at the top of the screen
  • Wait! It can take a few hours for captions and a transcript to generate. While you're still waiting, you'll see this message the the left of the video:
  • When the video is ready, you'll see a transcript in this same space. If you see an error in the transcript, you can click the 'edit' pencil to adjust it. Clicking on a section will jump you to that point in the video. 
  • When viewing the video, you'll need to turn captions on to see them. They do not show automatically.

Sharing a Video in Stream

Sharing Videos in Stream Via Link or Email

Videos are automatically added to 'My Content' for anyone who had access to the meeting. This means that if you start a meeting in a Teams channel, anyone with access to that channel can view the video in 'My content' on Stream. 

You can also get a link to the video or email it directly to someone by clicking 'Share' below the video itself. This does NOT give view permissions - if they do not have access to the video, they will see an error when they try to access it.

Editing Video Permissions

Anyone who was invited to your meeting or has access to the channel used to host it will find the video in their 'My Content'. For anyone else to view the video, you will need to give them permission. 

  • Choose 'Update Video Details'

  • Under 'Permissions', choose who you want to grant access to. 
    • You can search for individuals or Teams.  Type in a portion of the individual or Team's name, then click the search symbol. The search will not auto-populate until you click search.
    • You CANNOT search for a specific Teams channel. 'Channels' here refers to something different.
    • Choose the individual or team you want to share with. They will now have permission to view the video and will find it in 'My Content' on Stream - or you can send them a link or email via the 'Share'  button beneath the video.