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Using Teams to Teach: Recording your Screen

Tips and tricks for using Teams for distance education.

Recording your Screen

Start a meeting on a Teams channel by choosing the video camera and 'start meeting now'.
  • You can also start a meeting in chat, but doing it on a Teams channel doesn't require anyone else to be in the meeting with you.
  • Be sure your microphone is set up properly.

  • Click the '...' menu and choose 'start recording'.
  • Share your screen. 
    • You can share anything you see on your screen, or only a specific application, like a web browser window. 
    • It's usually safest to limit what you share to avoid email notifications or other distractions from showing in the video.

  • End the call to end the video.
  • Download the video file. 
    • You can upload the video to Sharepoint, share it elsewhere in Teams or Chat, or whatever you need.