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HLSC 322: Health Policy - Baker: Data & Statistics

Government Agencies

Government agencies can be sources of fact sheets, press releases, and other information that will help the general public understand the often complicated text of bills. Due to the change in administration, please keep in mind that information on these pages may change rapidly. To see previous versions of these websites, go to the Wayback Machine at and enter the URL in the search box. This will allow you to view previous versions of the website.

Remember: Information presented on these pages reflect the official views of the United States government. As such, these pages may reflect the viewpoints of the administration in charge at the time. You may want to verify the information contained in these pages by finding scientific research or scholarly journal articles in library databases, such as PubMed. Always evaluate your sources using the CRAAP test:

C - Is it current?

R - Is it relevant?

A - Is it accurate?

A - Is it authoritative?

P - What is the purpose of this information?