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New Faculty Orientation

How can I access library resources if I'm not on campus?

When off-campus, clicking on any library link will ask you to verify that you attend Muskingum University. You will need your Muskingum ID to complete the process:

  • Select 'Muskingum University' as your institution. Click submit.
  • Enter your last name, followed by your first name.
  • Enter your Muskingum barcode number.
  • Click submit.

Once verified, you should have complete access to all Muskingum's online resources. If you have any trouble, please contact a librarian.

Where is my barcode number?

Your barcode number is located on the back of your Muskingum University ID, directly below the barcode.

It is 14 digits long and will always begin with '28153'.

My barcode number isn't working. What do I do?

First, check to be sure you're using the right number. Your barcode number is 14 digits long and will start with '28153'.

If you are using the correct number and it still isn't working, you'll need to contact a librarian to have your account re-activated. 

Just give us an email at, call us at x8152, or talk with us via chat and we'll get your account fixed ASAP.