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MLA 9th Edition Subject Guide: MLA - Updated for the 9th Edition

Basic Guidelines for Citations in MLA

Additional MLA Resources

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This guide is based on the work done by Colleen Boff at Bowling Green State University.

Thank you very much for permission to adapt!


Welcome to the MLA resource page. MLA is a style of writing and formatting that is created and updated by the Modern Language Association. MLA style is most commonly used in the humanities, such as in English and General Studies Writing courses. The most recent edition is the 9th edition. Learn more here:

What's New in the 9th Edition?

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) has updated their site to reflect the changes.

Want to learn more? Choose one of the links below (or tabs above) to learn about how to cite a specific type of resource.

Download Sample Papers

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MLA Edition

Examples in this guide are based on:



    MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. 9th edition. 
           Modern Language Association, 2021. 


Many citation sites that help students create bibliographies have not
their information to include the recent changes to MLA style.
Check with your professors to see which version of MLA style you should use for your classes.

For further MLA guidance, see a reference librarian.